Tips on Color Combinations for Clothes

The kind of colors of clothing you have in your closet definitely depend on one’s own preferences. What might be a favorite of someone might be unacceptable to another person. This is the same when it comes to color combinations, too – what might look good on one person might look not-so-good on another. So when it comes to dressing up, it’s important that you know what color combinations work for you.

Consider your Skin Texture

Not a lot of people are aware of this, but one’s skin color should be considered when looking for the appropriate color of clothing. If you’re someone who has a dark skin tone and you need to wear a dress that has a very bright hue, make sure that you pair such an outfit with a dull color in order to tone down the impact. So if you are wearing neon colored blazer or jacket, this Boucle Top by Peplum in gray color is the perfect top to wear under. For people who are fair-skinned, dull-colored clothing should be matched with white or black accessories. This will create a more defined look and really accentuates fair skin tones.

Pants Should Be Conservative Colors

For daily wear at work, avoid wearing bright colored pants. Pant suits must have conservative colors, otherwise they’ll look too informal. Moreover, a traditionally colored pair of pants will look great with just about any color of top you wear with it, and it helps to stabilize your ensemble. For late night parties with friends, these Party Pants by Flying Monkey are a great choice. You can pair them with a pretty black or dark colored top.

Choose the Right Color of Pants

Denims that are black, white, blue or any other neutral shade will never got out of style, simply because they match with just about anything. Tan colored pants, such as this pair of Classic Pants by Obey, will look great on most men. And since they’re a neutral color, they can be paired with just about any color shirt, tee, or polo shirt. A pair dark brown pants will also look paired with a dark blue or bright red top.

Coming up with the right color combination for your outfit is just so easy if you knew the rules behind it. It is always a good idea to try wearing the outfit with two different colors and face the mirror to see if the ensembles would team up well with each other. More importantly, avoid experimenting a lot when it comes to color combination as this might just lead to disaster. Always do your research and refer to the tips above.

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